Crazy Crazy Crazy

And now for some light verse I wrote a long time ago.

Crazy Crazy Crazy

Your eyes are so beautiful,
so clear and so blue.
I’d put my socks on backwards
to prove my love’s true.

I’d stick pencils up my nose
to show you I care,
or decorate my head
with ladies’ underwear.

I could even wear a dress
for a day, a month, or a year,
or I’d drive my car
with only my feet to steer.

I’d jump off a cliff
if you’d say that you’re mine.
I’d fall to the ground
and shatter my spine.

I might have to kill someone-
a person or two-
just to prove that I’m crazy,
crazy for you.


About CobraQuiz

A political writer.
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2 Responses to Crazy Crazy Crazy

  1. Are you crazy crazy crazy for me?

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