I called him Fufnip. Dad didn’t like that ’cause he said it wasn’t a real name and that a dog should have a dog’s name. I told him that it is a real name ’cause it’s Fufnip’s name but he said that that was circle logic so it wasn’t true and maybe I should name him lemon ’cause his fur is yellow. I said maybe but I didn’t mean it.

I like Fufnip a lot ’cause he licks me and wags his tail when he sees me and he lets me pet him whenever I want. I asked Dad if Fufnip could sleep in my bed with me and he said no ’cause dogs are messy. I cried but Dad still wouldn’t let me so I asked Mom and she said okay.

I don’t think Dad likes Fufnip ’cause whenever he barks he asks me to shoot him. I’m glad Mom bought him ’cause he’s really pretty and I taught him how to sit and lie down. Dad cleaned up Fufnip’s pee last time but he said I have to if he pees inside again so I’m gonna teach him how to go outside ’cause it’s gross.

Mom is on vacation so I have to take care of Fufnip ’cause Dad is too sad and I think it’s ’cause he doesn’t like him. I don’t know why ’cause Fufnip is a good dog now and hasn’t peed inside this week and he only barks at strangers now instead of the bucket in the front lawn.

Dad isn’t sad ’cause of Fufnip and Mom isn’t on vacation. I know ’cause I asked Dad why he didn’t like him and he said it’s ’cause Mom isn’t really on vacation and she’s not going to come home but it’s okay ’cause I can visit her and it’s gonna be like I have two houses. I asked Dad if I could bring Fufnip when I visit Mom and he said okay.

I visited Mom with Fufnip and I met a man named Howard and he was really nice ’cause he played with me and Fufnip but I don’t think he’s actually nice ’cause I think he was just pretending. I told Dad and he cried but he said it was good that I could see that. I wish that Dad was pretending.

Fufnip is getting bigger and Dad said that I am too but not as fast ’cause dogs don’t live as long as people and that made me sad ’cause Fufnip isn’t gonna live very long. I cried and Dad said he was sorry and he brought me in the car and we ate at the diner and he let me have soda even though he and Mom said that I shouldn’t have it at school.

I don’t like going to visit Mom ’cause of Howard but Dad is so sad and I don’t want to be here either. Dad still doesn’t like Fufnip even though he’s bigger and fluffier and cuter and smarter and he knows lots of tricks now. I taught him how to play dead and Dad asked me why he couldn’t just die for real and I said that was mean and I cried again but Dad didn’t take me to the diner ’cause he said he couldn’t drive tonight.

I like school ’cause I can play kickball at recess and my friends say that I’m pretty good at it and they always want to be on my team and Mom and Dad aren’t there. I asked Mr. Glass if I could take Fufnip to school with me and he said no ’cause it’s not allowed so I cried and Mr. Glass called Dad and asked if I was okay and Dad said I was but Mr. Glass said I could go home early if I wanted but I said I didn’t want to.

I came home today and Fufnip is always at the door but he wasn’t today and I looked everywhere for him and I couldn’t find him so I asked Dad and he said that Fufnip was hit by a car and we both cried a lot and Dad said he was really sorry but I don’t know why he’s sorry ’cause he said it was someone else who hit Fufnip. Dad said we could get a new dog but I said I didn’t want a new dog I wanted Fufnip back and he said he was sorry again.

One time I was on the school bus and I saw a dog just like Fufnip in someone’s yard and he was chained next to a dog house and he looked very lonely. I told Dad and he said he’s very lonely too and so are a lot of people and that I shouldn’t pay attention to the dog but now I look every day from the bus and I see the dog just like Fufnip chained in that yard and I can tell that he’s just as sad as me.


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