Blogpost 2: Robin Hits the Internet

Hello again, Internet! As promised here’s my update for today, the first day of my cruise. I’m aboard the Queen Jane, and they have wireless internet! Isn’t that awesome!?!

Some news for today:
Mom bought me and my brother candy, and she got me smarties!



My brother should’ve gotten stupids, but he got a snickers instead. Oh well.

Also, there was a whale, but I didn’t go see it because it’s still raining outside, which is yuck. I decided to go to the ship’s arcade instead. Can you believe they have whack-a-mole? I’d never played it before, but it’s really fun.

The only crappy thing about this cruise is that I have to share a room with my brother, and it’s really tiny. At least he’s spending most of his time outside, and there’s a little table with enough room for my laptop.

I’m going to try to fall asleep now, but I don’t think I’ll have much luck because the rain is super loud and people won’t stop shouting. See you tomorrow!


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