Blogpost 3: Robin Hits the Internet

Hello again, Internet. At least I hope this post makes it to the internet. I promised to post every day, and refuse allow my stupid life to get in the way of that.

Speaking of my stupid life, the Queen Jane was wrecked last night on some reef or something, and I’m now writing from an island.

I’m not sure if it looks like this, really, but this is my best guess.

Luckily, there’s a bunch of boxes of things from the ship, and the first thing I did was find a bottle, paper, and markers so I could write this post. When I’m done, I’ll throw it into the ocean, and whoever finds it should put it on my blog if you can. My password is St00pidBr0ther.

In other news, I saw a crab. Yuck!

I think it might try to bite me!

Some other good news! I found a bunch of bottles of root beer. Yum! Not only will they be tasty, but I can also I’ll write again tomorrow. See you then!


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One Response to Blogpost 3: Robin Hits the Internet

  1. This is absolutely hilarious! I’ve got to follow this.

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