Blogpost 4: Robin Hits the Internet

Ugh! Last night was the worst night of my life! Somehow I managed to become stranded on a tropical island that gets cold. There were no blankets in the crates from the Queen Jane, so I nearly froze to death on the beach!

And the daytime hasn’t been much better. It’ super hot now, and there is nothing to do. At least there’s some soda and some pop tarts. Otherwise I’d be starving, too.

My mom would never let me eat this for every meal!

So bored! Can you believe I just sat and watched waves for nearly ten minutes today? Waves don’t do anything. Out of boredom, I counted up everything I have here in the crates:

  • Two crates of soda bottles (not just root beer, but also orange soda-yuck!)
  • One crate of golfing supplies
  • One crate of drawing materials, good for blogging
  • One crate of canned foods (but I don’t have a can opener)
  • One crate of snack foods, yum!
  • Two soggy cardboard boxes with equally soggy Queen Jane t-shirts

And that’s it! No laptop, no cell phone, no fun at all, unless I find a golf course nearby. I wish the whack-a-mole game would float over here. The most interesting thing on this beach is the shells.

They are all prettier than I can draw.

I arranged a bunch of them to say HELP! In big letters on the beach. Somebody better rescue me soon.
Until tomorrow, Internet.


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