Blogpost 6: Robin Hits the Internet

Bad news: I’ve run out of root beer. Don’t worry, I’ve kept all of the bottles so I can keep blogging, but I’ve been drinking more than one a day because I get super thirsty, and now they’re all gone. I’ve decided to go exploring. I need to find a source of water, or I’ll be forced to drink the orange soda, which is super yuck.

Last night was better, but still kind of chilly. Leaves aren’t warm enough to be blankets, though my shelter was enough to keep me out of the wind. I wanted to start a fire, but I don’t have any matches, and I don’t know how to do that thing where you rub sticks together and make fire.

It looks more like a steak than bits of wood.

That’s the sort of thing my stoopid brother knows how to do. He’s a boyscout, and he never shuts up about it. The only thing worse than being stranded alone on this island would be being stranded on this island with him.

Come to think of it, if mom and dad were here, I would starve, because they wouldn’t let me have so much soda and so many pop tarts. There’s also some twinkies and some zebra cakes, but those aren’t very filling.

At least they’re yum!

Maybe I can find some food while I’m out exploring. Maybe this island has some corn…. I don’t know what other plants and things I might find. I’ll let you know tomorrow, I guess. Bye bye, Internet!


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