Blogpost 8: Robin Hits the Internet

I’m not alone. Last night, while I was trying to sleep, I heard a person howling at the moon. I know it was a person because I used to hear the coyotes outside my room at home, and what I heard last night sounded nothing like them. I slept with a golf club close by.

I’ve named it Retribution

This morning, I went back to the waterfall with some root beer bottles, and when I got there, I saw somebody running away into the jungle. The worst part was that he was completely naked. Yuck!

After I finish this post, I’m going to try to camouflage my shelter, just in case this Nakedman comes to the beach. I don’t want him to interrupt me while I’m sleeping. I have enough trouble with that already.

In other news, a ton of sea gulls came in off the ocean yesterday, and now they’re pooping all over my beach, and they’re trying to steal my fod.

Evil, stoopid seagull.

I attacked one with Retribution, and I accidentally killed it. Now I have a dead bird outside my shelter. Gross! I’m not going to pick it up. I’m hoping that the monster in the woods will accept it as tribute.

Someone else better show up before I run out of tributes for the monster, or before Nakedman finds me. Come get me if you want some twinkies or orange soda. Until tomorrow, Internet!


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