Blogpost 10: Robin Hits the Internet

I saw Nakedman again! I was waiting up at night to see the monster when he took away the dead bird, but it wasn’t the monster, it was Nakedman! If he’s been stealing my offerings to the monster, how will I know that I won’t be eaten in my sleep?

That’s why I spent all day today digging a hole in the sand, which, by the way, is super difficult. I don’t have any shovels or anything, so I found a shell and used that instead. I dug the hole so deep that I reached a layer of water under the sand.

When I was done, I had a ton of sand left over, so I made a sand castle.

My sand castle may not look exactly like this one.

That was a lot of fun, and it got me thinking: what if I dug eighteen holes around the beach and made my own golf course? I could make full use of my golfing supplies. I was so excited about it, I just had to let you know, Internet.

My excited face is really creepy. LOL!

First, though. I have to finish my trap for Nakedman. I’m going to put a bunch of sticks and leaves over my big hole, then cover the leaves in sand to make it look normal. When Nakedman comes for my next offering (I couldn’t catch a bird, so I’m giving the monster an orange soda today), he’ll fall in the pit, and I’ll have him!

Also, I need to take a bath in the ocean because I have sand all over me. Such a busy, busy day! Bye for now!


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