Blogpost 12: Robin Hits the Internet

I’m starting to regret letting Freddie live with me. What sleep I gained in warmth from a fire, I lost with his endless, pointless questions. He does this thing where he won’t stop asking why. There’s only so many whys we can answer in a row. Plus, he won’t stop yelling at me as I’m writing this post.

Still, it was nice to have a more normal dinner of beans, corn, and green beans last night. We had pop-tarts and bananas for breakfast, so I’m feeling much better now.

Oh, I almost forgot! I finished my golf course yesterday!

My golf course may not look exactly like this one.

Now I’m all set: I have plenty of food, water, and entertainment. All I have to do now is spend my days lounging on the beach, playing golf, and waiting for someone to rescue us.

Ugh. My stoopid brother won’t stop nagging me. Mom said when he does this that I should just pay not attention to him, because that’s all he wants.

It wouldn’t be so bad to live on this island for a while, but I miss stuff from the real world, like my Harry Potter fan-fiction forum, my neopets account, and netflix. Most of all (mostly because I need it for all three of those things) I miss my laptop.

I’m hoping it survived the shipwreck.

I may not have all those things, but at least I have you Internet! That’s it, I give up. Freddie just wont shut up, so I’m going to see what he’s yelling about. Ciao!


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