Blogpost 13: Robin Hits the Internet

Dearest Internet,


My brother saw a ship yesterday, and was stoopid enough to get their attention. They sent out another, smaller boat to come get us, and it turns out they’re pirates!

The pirates who captured us may not look exactly like this.

When they first came to shore I was super excited, because I thought they were there to rescue us. I even met them at the beach with twinkies and orange sodas.  Then they picked up me and Freddie, tied us up, and put us in the boat. They even had the gall to eat the twinkies and drink the orange soda on the way back to bigger ship.

I tried to reason with them, but I don’t think any spoke English, and the only words I know in Spanish are donde esta el baño. I tried that, and they just laughed at me. They talked to each other the whole time, but I didn’t understand anything. I don’t know if Freddie did either, because we were tied back-to-back.

When we got to the ship, I talked to this one pirate who spoke English, and he gave me this paper and pen so I could write a ransom note. If someone could publish this on my blog, I would be much obliged. Remember: the password is st00pidbr0ther.

They’re asking for $100,000 dollars for the two of us. Mom and dad, if you see this, just give it to them, because living on a pirate ship is super yuck.

I could use some of my own.

I hope I can blog again soon.


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