Vile Part 3

This is part 3 of Vile, a novel in progress. Would you like to start at the beginning?

Mortimer owns a large house. From the outside, it appears to be a mere mansion. On the inside, it also appears to be a mansion. Were it a proverbial iceberg, the mansion that one sees on the inside and from the outside would be the proverbial tip.

Underneath the mansion sprawls a vast underground complex. Mortimer once rescued a number of Laotian child laborers from a gold mine and hired them as his excavation team, paying them a full five cents more per hour than their previous employers, which he thought was quite generous of him. They had yet to finish digging out the torture chambers, and they had yet to finish paying him back for their air fair. Tickets from Laos to the United States are costly.

But at this moment, Mortimer does not venture into his subterranean lair to give his team of minor miners a pep talk. He has promised each a burger when they finish the project, and–now he has explained what a burger is–they work with a fervor that impresses even our villain. Perhaps he will actually do as he promised. But that is a thought for another time. At this moment, Mortimer strides through his entry hall, past a stairwell, and through a door into his ostentatious living room.

Comprising all the expected accoutrements of an expensive living room–a large, flat-screen television; a pair of criminally comfy leather couches; an elaborately carved, cherry cabinet; a bar stocked with all manner of hard to find alcoholic beverages–and also various secret contraptions–a large trapdoor in the fireplace, a criminally extensive array of guns in the cabinet, an elaborately contrived air control system that could fill the room with ether in less than a minute, and a number of security cameras hidden in all manner of hard to find places–perhaps the thing that strikes one as the most odd upon entering is the tacky, linoleum floor. Out of a life-long love of irony, Mortimer insists on killing as many people as possible in his living room, and knows from a life-long love of blood spilling that carpets are too much hassle to keep clean.

Ready for part four?


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