Vile Part 7

This is part 7 of Vile, a novel in progress. Care to read from the beginning?

Tonight, lying underneath his 100% cotton free, dalmatian fur covers, Mortimer dreams of sailing an icebreaker through a frozen river. The ice becomes to hard, the ship cant keep moving, and eventually Mortimer jumps off the deck, falling to the surface of the river with an icepick in hand. Fond memories of past murders flit through his mind as he chips away at the ice. For the sake of convenience, he spins around as he swings the pick up and down, until he has chipped a perfect circle into the ice.

There should be a resounding crack, but there’s only silence as the circle he cut falls down into a deep purple oblivion below, taking him with it. Adrift among random household objects–tables, books, thumbscrews, scratch and sniff adventures–Mortimer is treated to a live performance of Bonnie Tyler’s Holding Out for a Hero, only the performers are all Jimi Hendrix playing the saxophone. It sounds all right.

But what on earth is Mortimer doing there? He has better things to be doing than watching drifting paraphernalia and listening to musicians from the sixties covers songs from the eighties. Mortimer Hex is an important man. He’s stolen top secret government documents, abducted royalty, robbed Fort Knox. Isn’t there something he should be doing?

Floating through the purply air, he can’t think of a single thing.

Would you like to read part 8?


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