Vile Part 12

But our villain doesn’t try again. After a good sulk and imagining how useless it would be for him to answer myriad questions about his thoughts on monogamy and what he wants out of a sexual relationship, he realizes how stupid of an idea finding a nemesis on OkayMingle is. Also, he doubted whether any worthy adversaries would be patrons of such a poorly crafted site.

His mind rapidly flits through other possible filtration methods–tryouts, interviews, trails of brownies leading to his door, classified ads–until he comes upon an idea worth trying. Though Mr. Barnes has no promise–his body now gainfully employed as a scarecop–perhaps Last Kale’s finest would have finer pickings.

At certain times, Mortimer would like to have a henchman, and now is one of these times, because when he says, “To the police department!” only ZERO hears, emitting only a synthesized sigh in response.

This is part twelve of Vile, a novel in progress. Wanna read part one? How about part thirteen?


About CobraQuiz

A political writer.
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