Vile Part 18

No wonder the police had never caught him in any of his crimes; the precinct was a resort for learning-impaired bonobos. Breaking out had been as easy as shooting the man in front of him, barging into Mr. Brick’s office, shooting him before he could get up, blocking the door with a filing cabinet, pushing a few buttons on his phone, and waiting for his helicopter to drill a hole through the roof and lift him out. Perhaps next time they will be prepared for this eventuality.

“May I blow it up, sir?” asks ZERO, who remotely pilots the helicopter.

Mortimer looks down at the shrinking building that houses a large portion of Last Kale’s arm of justice. “Yeah. Why not have a little fun?”

It also surprises our villain that the police station has no missile defense system in place. Again, he thinks perhaps the next time around they will be more prepared.

This part 18 of Vile, a novel in progress. If you like this, you should check out the beginning.


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A political writer.
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