Vile Part 22

Larry Brawnson doesn’t really understand what he’s saying, but it isn’t his job to understand, just to say with a pretty face and a certain amount of gravitas the words that appear. Still, something seems different to him as he reads from the teleprompter, “Dear citizens of Last Kale, MBS brings you a special report tonight on the importance of journalistic integrity. It is the duty of every reporter, news writer, editor, and anchor to ensure the absolute truth of every event he or she reports to the masses.

“We here at MBS do not take this duty seriously enough, and our channel is filled with Mostly BullShit. Still, tonight, in the spirit of authentic reporting, we wish to issue a retraction regarding the recent incidents at the Last Kale precinct and Central Plaza. These were no acts of terrorism, as we erroneously reported, but the acts of a single man, Last Kale’s very own criminal mastermind.

“And joining us tonight, we have none other than the man himself: the incomparable, the genius, the unspeakably evil, Mortimer Hex! Come on over, Mortimer!”

This is part 22 of Vile, a novel in progress. Maybe you’d like to read part one?


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