Vile Part 27

The truth that no one knows about the golden potato is the trail of blood it has left in its wake.

The story of the golden potato begins long ago when John Kale met an Indian named Sal. They both worked as farmhands on Mr. Abraham Harper’s potato farm, and Sal was to be hanged for deflowering Mr. Harper’s daughter, a crime he had not committed. John had been the one who slept with Sarah Harper, and she had blamed Sal out of the desire to keep her lover alive.

With a guilty conscience, John broke Sal out of prison the night before his hanging, and out of gratitude, the Indian shared a great secret with the white man. While tilling a new field for Mr. Harper, he had found the golden potato, and had planned to end his servitude early and escape to the west coast and live like a king. He offered to share half of the worth of the potato with John, who accepted, and the two stole a pair of Mr. Harper’s horses and left that very night.

As soon as the two had ridden far enough into the desert, John Kale shot Sal in the back and left him for the buzzards under a juniper tree.

This is part 27 of Vile, a novel in progress. Would you like to read the beginning?


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