Vile Part 28

But Sal was not the last man to die for the golden potato. John Kale’s two sons, Jeremiah and Zachary, reclaimed the golden potato after their father passed by robbing the El Grano bank. As they rode away, the sheriff shot Zachary’s horse, and when it fell, the man broke his leg and his neck.

Jeremiah Kale passed the golden potato to his kin, and it caused no more trouble until 1929, when hard times and a family dispute over its ownership led to the utter destruction of the Kale family, leaving what was then Kale City as the last thing to bear the name of Kale.

Even then, the potato hadn’t finished its blood bath. Two Last Kale gangsters died trying to take it from a third, a journalist died for asking too many questions about it, a museum curator died when it toppled from a shelf and cracked his skull, and now, a security guard named Joe Becker dies of asphyxiation as Mortimer Hex chokes him from behind with a wire.

This is part 28 of Vile, a novel in progress. If you’d like to read from the beginning, go here.


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