Vile Part 33

“Fly low for a moment, ZERO,” Mortimer commands, setting the golden potato down and picking up a crossbow from underneath his seat.

As the helicopter swoops down, Mortimer searches the crowd below, picking out an unwounded reporter still managing to do her job amid the chaos below. He loads the crossbow with a prepared bolt and shoots her through her heart.

“Excellent shot, Dr. Hex,” says ZERO.

“Actually, no,” explains Mortimer, watching the woman fall to her knees before letting her face hit the asphalt. “I was aiming for the leg.”

“I know,” says ZERO. “I was being sarcastic.”

Our villain rolls his eyes and commands the super computer to fly him home.

This is part 33 of Vile, a novel in progress. Wanna see the first part?


About CobraQuiz

A political writer.
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