Vile Part 35

The bright fires and penetrating sounds of sirens die away as the helicopter chops its way across Last Kale, but as Mortimer nears his home, he finds more. Apparently the police had seen fit to raid his house while he was away, with little success.

Below, they had yet to pass even the first row of sentinel turrets, which had overturned several SWAT vehicles with rocket propelled missiles and laid waste to other, smaller cars with a spray of bullets.

He had installed his security system several years ago when Harvey the Jackknife–a once powerful drug lord in Last Kale–had boasted to have the most secure home in the city. First, our villain had sought to prove him wrong by installing his own mechanized defense squad, but when the criminal community refused to help him test its efficacy, he had opted to storm Harvey’s house with a squadron of ninja who owed him a favor.

Finally,” says Mortimer, “I can see if these defense bots are any good.”

He watches for a while, and when he’s satisfied that the police can do little more than retreat or bleed to death on his lawn, he tells ZERO to land the helicopter. He descends from the helicopter pad on his roof into his bedroom, the golden potato in hand. He slips it under his bed before falling asleep to the lullaby of explosions, gunshots, and cries for mercy.

After a long hiatus during which I furiously edited Thin Blood, I am proud to announce that I have resumed writing Vile–as well as another project you might get a whiff of soon. Hopefully you’re having as much fun reading as I am writing!


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2 Responses to Vile Part 35

  1. LindaGHill says:

    You’re back! Yay! 😀

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