Vile part 38

“No, not that,” says ZERO. “Who cares about them? I was talking about blowing up the nuclear plant.”

Our villain has been so caught up in the morning’s revels that he has forgotten about his plans for the evening. “Oh, right,” he says. “Yeah, it will probably kill everyone in Last Kale if it blows up, but I never programmed you a conscience. Why do you care?”

“I don’t care about the people,” ZERO explains. “It just seems that going from stealing a potato to exploding a nuclear facility and destroying the city is too big of a jump.”

Mortimer had not considered that. His supercomputer is entirely correct. When planning what crimes he would commit each day, he had simply chosen at random from a list of preplanned endeavors that he had never seen through. Such behavior seems lazy to him now.

People will be saying many things about Mortimer Hex in the coming months, and he will not let anyone say that he’s lazy. “I’m going to need that megaphone.”


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