Vile part 40

“I have an an announcement to make!” declares Mortimer through his new-found megaphone.

“You killed him!” shouts Officer Draper.


“And you said you wouldn’t.”

“And I won’t kill you either,” says our villain, taking his silenced pistol from his bathrobe pocket and shooting Officer Draper. “Now unless someone else wants to interrupt, can I get on with my announcement?”

“Hey!” shouts Office Connolly. “You killed Draper!”

After watching Star Wars, the young Mortimer Hex learned that the reason the good guys always win is that the bad guys simply can’t shoot straight. He resolved to practice marksmanship every day until he could shoot a pea from forty paces with his eyes closed.

Mortimer slams his palm to his face and shoots Officer Connolly between her eyes.


About CobraQuiz

A political writer.
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