Vile Part 42

On his way back to his mansion, Dr. Hex considers employing his Laotian miners in retrieving and tending to the bodies of the police, but decides against it. His minor minions have not see the sun in over two years, and perhaps allowing them to would give them some semblance of hope when they returned the excavation, and he didn’t want that. A hopeful child is an annoying child.

So he made a fifty-eight degree turn and headed for his garage, where he found the doom tractor.

When he was a little boy growing up in Last Kale, Mortimer had been walking his dog Sunshine down the sidewalk while a man was moving his lawn. As they passed each other, the mower ran over a rock and shot it out toward the road. The rock collided with the puppy’s head and the animal promptly died. Geologists might interested to know that the rock was fine.

The next day, the man’s corpse was discovered with a dog leash dangling from his neck. Also, his tractor had been stolen.

Since that day, Mortimer has not owned a pet that he couldn’t repair in his garage, and the doom tractor is one his oldest pets. When he drives it out onto his lawn, belching black smoke and emitting a sound like a host of chainsaw murderers, the living police line breaks into chaos, and good number of men and women go home.

As our villain lowers the bucket attachment of the doom tractor, he realizes what he should with all the bodies.


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