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Vile part 41

“I’ve realized that if I blow up Last Kale’s nuclear facility, the fun will be over, because you’ll all be dead,” explains our villain. “And we wouldn’t want that, now would we?” What remains of Last Kale’s police force listens … Continue reading

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Vile Part 24

Larry glances toward the teleprompter again, distressed to see that he still has no direction. “So… did you, like, buy it?” “Buy it?” laughs our villain. “Buy it? No, Mr. Brawnson. I stole it from you. I stole it from … Continue reading

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Parallel 49

“Fuck!” What had thus far proved to be the best vacation ever had now taken a turn for the worse. Mom and Dad sat on the edge of the bed, screaming at the TV as if it had stolen their … Continue reading

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